This tour immerses you in the rich Costa Rican culture and history by visiting some museums and historical sites of

Duration: 5 hours

Location: San José, Central Valley

Estimated Departure from San José: Between 11:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

During this journey we will visit the National Theater, also known as “The jewel of San José”, a masterpiece in art and architecture built by Costa Ricans and completed in 1897.

Then we will visit the Museum of Gold (an interesting collection of archaeological objects), then the Central Market, place full of the Costa Rican cultural heritage and traditions, where you will be able to browse and buy some local art crafts.

We will also visit the Metropolitan Cathedral. As we travel around the city, we will point you out several historically important or main buildings in our city, for example The Costa Rica University, The Old Train Station, The National Liquor Factory, The National Supreme Election Bureau, the “Asamblea Legislativa” (equivalent to The Congress), The Metallic Building, some parks and various sites of interest. This will be an introduction to our Capital City, and information about our economy, cultural, politics, religion and general current events.

Also, we will visit an Art Gallery, where you will be able to get some souvenirs to take back home.


* Children (3 – 10 years old): 25% off discount

Children 0-2 years old pay US$14.00 car seat charge fee

Cancellation Policy for one-day tours


Hike in Costa Rica
Hike in Costa Rica